Ramana Devi Education

Ramana Devi Education

Introducing Ramana Devi Education Programmes – providing Classes, Courses and Programmes based on Hindu philosophy and practices for the student to gain a relationship with their True Self and attain Happiness, therefore reaching one’s True Potential.

Ramana Devi is based in the UK, and all the profits her work on this website; provide charitable services to Young people and improving their mental health and well being through her charity – Shiva Trust (Registration No. 1200725). Ramana Devi has provided thousands of students worldwide with Educational and training services in Hindu philosophy techniques and methods.

All of her Education and training can be delivered face to face or through on line platforms such as Zoom pro or Google Classrooms, with learning support and mentoring. Ramana Devi is highly experienced and committed to helping her students succeed in their own lives. 

Ramana Devi practices what she teaches, and is an example of the methods success.


An amazing programme working with the subconscious mind using powerful visualisation techniques, if you wish to study with one of Ramana Devi's students please get in touch :


A comprehensive training programme based on Ramana Devi first book; incorporating Hindu philosophy and practices: Meditation, Self-enquiry, Yoga, Devotion, Guru, Scripture study. If you wish to join the course learning with Ramana Devi herself; please get in touch :


A powerful Internal Yogic Method based on Siva Sutras Scriptures and The Brahman Sutras; created by Ramana Devi to bring about a union between Shiva and Brahman within everyone. If you wish to study with Ramana Devi directly, please contact :

If your an Individual. an organisation, school or business; and you wish to find out more information about our Education Programmes  please get in touch today….