Introducing Ramana Devi

Ramana Devi is a Hindu Satguru and as such is a passionate advocate for Hindu philosophy and practices who believes in our quest for Happiness and our ability to manifest it within our own lives.

Ramana inspires people to find their own piece of Happiness within them so that together, we can be the change we want to see in the world. With a vision to change the way society sees, thinks and acts. Ramana and her team work with communities and organisations in many industries to help transform social culture and create a better imprint on the world.

As a trained Hindu Satguru, Ramana has uncovered profound knowledge and wisdom about how we as people think, act and navigate the world in which we live. Ramana is fascinated by the people and communities that are willing to make the greatest, lasting changes in their own bit of the world.

Ramana has devoted her entire life to sharing this ancient wisdom, and leading a movement of change to inspire people to transform themselves.

Ramana Devi is an author and shares her knowledge and wisdom in her books including The Science of Self-realisation, The Bhagavad Gita, The Brahma Sutras and Siva Sutras.

Ramana Devi specialises in teaching Hindu philosophy and Practices as solutions to the issues you are facing with Addiction, Mental health, Isolation, Alcoholism, Relationships, Family problems, Spiritual crisis, Trauma, Childhood conditioning, Abuse, Domestic violence, Gender identity, Sexual orientation, Racial identity, Prejudice, Marginalisation, Poverty, Homelessness, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Materialism, Loss, PTSD, eating disorders, OCD, Autism, Behavioural problems, Emotional intelligence, Substance misuse.

Introducing Ramana Devi Education

We dedicate ourselves to educating, empowering, and supporting individuals of all ages; children, young people and adults. Fostering a strong foundation for their future. Our core vision centres around cultivating Happiness and unlocking their True Potential. Ensuring they embark on a journey of Success and Fulfilment in life.

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