Ramana Actualization profile

What is Ramana Actualization Profile?

Ramana Actualization Profile. A Self Improvement profile of your seven human attributes provides you with comprehensive guidance and direction , it is a tool for life.

The attributes are inherent within each human being. Everyone has a different balance of these attributes and this is what makes you unique and determines what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Everything around you affects how these attributes develop within you as a child, and later on as a adult.

In the Western world, people mainly value their first three attributes. These are tangible. This means your other attributes are neglected. It also stops you living from your full potential as a human being. There is a whole world within you that you are unaware of.

Personal profile:

To gain a true representation of your own personal profile. We gather data from your answers to our 35 questions, which have been designed by Ramana Devi. This data provides valuable insight into your relationship with your own attributes ‘family’.