Hindu Philosophy

Vidya Matha

As you continue along your path of Self realisation, you may wish to find out more information about where Self-Realisation originated, and the source of this wealth of knowledge and wisdom called Hindu Philosophy.

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What is the Vidya Matha Programme?

Vidya Matha programme was developed to introduce you to Classical Hindu Philosophy and the rich source of information regarding the True self and the process of Self-Realisation. It was developed in order to introduce Hindu Philosophy to Western Society in such a way that is accessible, down to earth, and easy to understand. It seeks to show that Hindu Philosophy (Sanatana Dharma) is a universal system of knowledge that can be applied by anyone from any background. It is a systematic introduction to the core practices contained in Classical Hindu Philosophy. 

The practices contained in the Vidya Programme are ancient techniques, tools that have been successfully used for thousands of years. The programme is for anyone who is interested in exploring further their spiritual nature and who would like to try new spiritual practices. It is for anyone wishing to find out more about Classical Hindu Philosophy.