Ramana Devi Vidya Kids

What is Vidya Kids? Once you have started your Self improvement journey, and your life is starting to improve. You may wish to include your children in your journey… Vidya Kids is a gentle, loving, playful programme designed for children to explore their own true nature. Vidya Kids is one of our greatest creations. There is nothing more powerful than a child with a toolbox of mental, emotional and spiritual practices. Vidya Kids has a huge array of practices for children, which are amazing for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

The benefits are: 
Body– helps with balance/co ordination. Teaches self discipline and promotes inner calm. Boosts energy and raises self esteem . Helps to focus the mind.
Breathing– helps children to relax in this busy world- teaches breathing to promote inner calmness and balances the brains activity.

Mind– helps children to focus. Creativity in a fun safe environment. Releases happy endorphins and makes them feel good.
Heart– creates awareness and heart health.
Meditation– promotes a calmer mind.
Classes can include – Yoga Asana, singing/mantras, meditations, relaxation, art and crafts, guided visualizations, moral based stories, and breath work.

This approach is best suited to children 0 – 16 years of age. It can be taught to classes, schools, groups, as a course or 1-2-1. Purchase Vidya Kids Programme at our shop