What is Self-Realisation?

Self-Realisation is the ultimate goal of both Hindu Philosophy and Personal Development. For one to experience our own human capital, our innate potential actualised in real terms. Self-Realisation is translated from the Sanskrit expression Atman Jnana, meaning knowledge of the Self or Atman. Jnana refers to knowledge based on experience, not mere intellectual knowledge. Self-Realisation is the basis of all Personal Development methods.  Buy the Guidebook Here

If you wish to connect more with your own Self-realisation experience. You can book a Darsana Interview with Ramana Devi personally, which will kickstart your relationship with your True Self.

Book a Darsana Interview

Darsana from Hindu Philosophy. A Darsana Interview with Ramana Devi, where Spiritual energy is shared in the simple act of seeing and being seen and has the power to transform lives. Ramana Devi shares the Spiritual qualities that she has attained, and most importantly the Shakti, the Power, that has changed her and is there constantly to change others.

Seeing is such a powerful dimension of life, and it affects us in so many ways, inside and out. Darsana changes patterns in your life by cleaning up areas of your subconscious mind that you could not possibly have done for yourselves. It is the grace of the Guru. Strictly by appointment only.

Ramana Devi asks for a donation to her charity in replace of a payment for this service. Book a 15 minute Darsana Interview here