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Self-Realization is a translation of the Sanskrit expression Atman Jnana – knowledge of the Self or Atman. Jnana refers to knowledge based on experience, not mere intellectual knowledge. Self-Realization is the basis of all Self improvement methods.
As a student of Self realization, you will be supported to experience new ideas, methods or activities. You will learn how to closely observe and monitor your involvement in these experiences, and build your relationship with your True Self. And how these experiences can become reality within your life; and in relation to your experiences of other.
Ramana has developed 7 tools to support you in experiencing your own true Self; the first tool is to start asking key Questions? Don’t just accept the way you, your life, or society are. Turn your attention inwards, and embark on a search for answers to who you are, why you do the things you do, why the world is the way it is, observe your awareness of your Self, your interactions with others and their actions towards you.
If you wish to make a start on your own personal search for your True Self, and you would like some support and guidance you can study the Self-realization Guidebook with Ramana. The guidebook is based on the Upanishads, and this sacred text provides you with a valuable experience of your Self or Atman when reading the words contained in the guidebook.


This is a science, which has been studied for over 5,000 years.

If you wish to make a start on your own personal search for your True Self, please buy my book The Science of Self realization Guidebook – the book contains 113 lessons, with 1,130 questions that will support you in the first stage of Self-Realization.

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7 reviews for The Science of Self Realization Guidebook

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amanda Gordon

    This is the most important book you will ever purchase, own, read and study.
    It is a comprehensive guide and study programme for Self-Realisation. It makes what seems elusive, very real, tangible and achievable.
    I am a primary school teacher, wife and mother of 3 children and I believe that Self-Realisation is for all.
    I have read, mused over and with dedication, studied this book in full. In my heart I had always felt strongly that anyone of any background could achieve Self-Realisation. But everything I read felt too far removed from my normal life. THEN I found Ramana Devi and Her Science of Self-Realisation Guidebook. This gave me a concrete, tangible process to follow. With each chapter studied, I would experience profound realisations about my true nature.
    Yes I did work hard at it but here in front of me was the first clear, concise and thorough road map that I had ever found and that guaranteed Self-Realisation in this life time if I studied each chapter comprehensively. I would not and could not miss this opportunity!
    If you are seeking answers about who you are and the true nature of existence, then look no further. Follow this guidebook diligently and your life will transform before your very eyes.
    It will be a helping hand when you need it most, a guiding star when you are lost, a road map home. This book will wrap its arms around you and let you know that all will be well. It will help you to intellectually understand aspects of your true nature and it will assist and support you in discovering ways to cultivate and develop your individual self.
    We all have unique qualities, well this is Ramana’s field of expertise. She is an absolute Master of Self-Realisation.
    In case you hadn’t already gathered from my review- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lucy Gardner

    This is the most incredible book (& my favourite) I have ever read & studied! Since my incredible Satguru Ramana Devi created this profound Guidebook to Self-Realisation I have read it daily & it is my constant companion. To me nothing is more important than God, Guru & Self-Realisation. This is an extraordinary book & scripture with the deepest enlightening truth in every verse & each translation is like having a personal 1-2-1 with Ramana Devi. It is truly like conversion with God & Guru & an awesome journey that connects you with your true self! The study & questions took me to great heights within myself. Finishing the guidebook was an all time goal for me. I still read & study this everyday as it is breathtaking & always reconnects me to Self; reminding me of what’s most important to me.
    Thank you Ramana for this amazing gift! 🙏🏾💜

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this book. I’ve had it for a few years now and when I feel I am struggling with life I can come back to this and I seem to feel that I can get back on track. There are versus that really resonate and help me with the part of life in which I am stuck. I was only thinking last night how Ramana is genius in her providing these ancient texts into modern day english for us to read. I recommend this book highly to anyone developing themselves further on the path to self realisation. Thank You 😊

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barrington Reeves

    This book has been so instrumental on my spiritual journey with Sri Ramana Devi. It takes you through an in-depth exploration into your self. It supports too to find out what your true beliefs are helps dispose of unwanted or outdated beliefs and allows you to experience a greater version of your self.

    A profound and real exploration based on ancient Hindu wisdom that will help establish new understandings of your self.

    Each chapter sets out a path of enquiry that takes you into yourself and allows your to see who you are.

    Using this as a guide everyday along with practice yoga and meditation.inspiring and awesome.

    Thank you Ramana Devi for a true guide to self😎🙏🏿

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angela carroll

    This book is amazing I would not be without it on my path of self realisation
    It has become a good friend that I read daily. Thankyou Sri Ramana Devi

  6. Helen Blackburn

    The guidebook is like a journey through yourself. It’s a beautiful translation of the Upanishads but also a tool that we can use in the wake at to understand these and ourselves in relation to them.
    I am working through the book and the questions ask you exactly what you need to be asked at any given time. Guided by Ramana the different verses and questions awaken in you what you need to see, contemplate and realise.
    It’s very intimate, and when i am writing the answers it’s like something else takes over me, I am writing from my heart not my mind, and there is always the sense that whatever you answer is right for you.
    I urge anyone to take this journey as you are so supported by ramana in this loving guidebook to your soul
    Thank you Ramana for this experience

  7. Sena Melillo

    This book is very practical and easy to use. It’s like a toolbox I can access whenever, to help me find solutions in my daily life. I am a Christian and this book is a definite add on bonus to my study. Thank-you for giving Me a reflective study about the self Sri Ramana Devi

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