Teaching License



Exciting News, last year in 2020 we introduced a brand new product. Our Legal Teaching Licenses entitle you to Teach Ramana Devi Ahimsa, Meditation or Vidya Kids to your very own students. We have partnered up with our solicitors to develop a ground breaking opportunity for people to do what they love and get paid to do it.

So, all you have to do to get started is choose from one of our wonderful courses: Ramana Devi Ahimsa, Meditation or Vidya Kids. Study the content of the course, and deliver a lesson to your teacher. Once you have completed the course of your choosing, you just pop back here to our on line shop and purchase the license. It is really that simple.

The license is then sent to you, and gives you permission to teach your chosen subject to as many people as possible. You can charge for the lessons and keep all the costs yourself. It is a one off fee to us, and no hidden charges. We just ask that you renew your license each year for a further £90 per year.


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