7 Steps – Guided Visualisation


7 Steps guided visualization book – This small but powerful booklet contains the basis of the Ramana Awareness Programme, The 7 Steps Guided Visualisation, which is an amazing tool anyone can use personally to aid a stress free, peaceful, relaxed mind and body.


Practicing the 7 Steps gives us a valuable tool to enable us to make Good choices. Ramana Awareness Programme (R.A.P)
(Based on the Teachings of Ramana Devi). This is a Personal Development course designed for anyone wishing to gain a high level of experience and understanding in the (R.A.P) techniques and Theory. You will be presented with a method of working by which liberation from all the various sources of Negative Conditioning can be achieved. This method enables a person to become an independent and whole human being, relying only on the inner source of security and wisdom, which is available to everyone who seeks its aid.


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