Our School

Ramana Devi is an established brand providing Hindu Philosophy Based Solutions for personal, charity and business needs. We are based in the UK, and all profits provide charitable services to people living on the margins of society through our charity – Shiva Trust no. 1148843. We have provided thousands of students worldwide with Educational and training services in Self improvement techniques and methods. All of our Education and training is delivered through on line platforms such as Zoom pro or Podia, with learning support and mentorship. We are highly experienced in our field, and committed to helping our students succeed. 

We practice what we teach, and are an example of our methods success.

Self Improvement for Charities, Businesses and/or Organisations

Self Improvement involves working with your staff or management team to teach them new skills, tools, methods to remove their obstacles to Success in the workplace. The methods used were all developed by Ramana Devi, and have been used by her and her own team with amazing success. Book a consultation today...

Ramana Actualization profile

Our assessment process is transformational for any charity, business and/or organisation. Ramana Actualization Profile has been developed by Ramana Devi. It is based on the wisdom of Hindu Philosophy, but incorporates the techniques of Self improvement. It is a truly remarkable stand alone tool, or it can form the foundation of further work and support. Book your profile here today...

In House Training

Ramana Awareness Programme is a vast selection of tools that can be trained to your staff in house. The programme is based on Hindu philosophy, but again with the techniques of Self Improvement. Its a perfect tool for transformation and change within an organisation. Its what Ramana Devi used herself to go from 0 to millions in a short space of time. Book on the training course here today..

If your a organisation, charity or business client; our Training methods provide Hindu Philosophy based Solutions for all your needs.