Meet Ramana Devi

What Ramana Does?

I am a Humanitarian, Educationalist and Advocate for

Self awareness & Compassion

I Teach.

One of my great passions is supporting other individuals, businesses, charities and/or organisations to learn methods that have worked successfully for me.

I Speak.

I love sharing my story in the hope it inspires others to follow my example. My example is one of Service, it is my story of Selfless Service to others; inspired by those that have walked the path before me that is the most inspirational aspect of my life. It is not what I do that inspires others, but How I do it….

I Write.

Authoring books is my legacy, as they will always be around long after I have gone. The words I write, and the topics I choose to write about are my truth. They represent who I am and what I love.

Need Advice?

If you cannot afford to work with me through the services here on this website, then please do not leave angry and dis-heartened. I am here for you too. Send me an email explaining your situation and I will help you.

My E-Books & Courses

I have an array of books and courses that are on Amazon, and other on line mediums. They exist to serve those who cannot afford to work with me directly.  So send us a quick email and we will direct you to them.

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Every service, product and course I have developed are based on the ancient, traditional, inspiring wisdom of Hindu philosophy. I originally spent ten years as a personal, business and charity development consultant. I then Studied Hindu philosophy for the last twenty years in India and worked extensively in humanitarian projects in Southern India. In 2009, I moved to a 26 acre farm in UK; to develop it into a Vedic Farm & Animal Sanctuary with housing up to 70 animals at one time, and headquarters for the charity I founded. In 2012, I founded the Shiva Trust charity to provide opportunities for the marginal people within our society. For many years I have been studying Classical Advaita Vedanta with the foremost Classical Advaita Master (Shankaracharya) from Varanasi, India. I have Authored fifteen books on Hindu Philosophy. I am an Educationalist, and have developed ten personal development courses with the National Open College. I am primarily a Humanitarian, then I am Me.

What you'll

About me

Hi, I'm Ramana Devi

In 1979, while I was still a five year old schoolgirl, I realised who I was. Since that time, in whatever way possible, I have been helping people to realise the truth of who they are. I had had no Guru or Formal Instruction in Spiritual Matters, I had not practiced meditation, or tapas. The teachings I saw came from my own inner experience of the Self, rather than from any formal training. And yet all my wisdom can be found in the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. My innate knowledge can be found mirrored in the ancient scriptures and Hindu texts. I am able to translate these scriptures, and make them accessible to everyone.