We have been providing Consultancy services for twenty six years. Our Consultancy services are for charities, businesses and organisations. We specialise in Higher Management or Management team Consultancy, providing initial trouble shooting of the core issues in preventing your success or effectiveness. Then we co devise a plan with you, and support you through each stage.  We also provide bespoke accredited training with certificates in house via Zoom pro or face to face. All profits from this service provide charitable provisions for people living on the margins of society through our charity Shiva Trust No. 1148843.

Personal Development

Personal Development involves working with your staff or management team to teach them new skills, tools, methods to remove their obstacles to Success in the workplace. These tools and skills are Solutions based on Hindu Philosophy. The idea is not to get dependent on the Consultant, but to use the Consultant to improve their game.

Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Skills Building is an amazing asset to any workplace environment. Our Consultant trains your staff or management team in Equality and Diversity skills such as Self awareness, Relationship management, Empathy, Self regulation, Social awareness, and Motivation. Our skills building programme is a Solution based on Hindu Philosophy.

Hate Crime

One of the major challenges that we face in society is to continually raise awareness of Hate Crime, highlighting the real issues that we face and its impact upon those either directly or indirectly affected. If you are a manager this is the training you should be buying for your staff. We offer training sessions to equip organisations, businesses and charities with the tools to support and assist potential clients or staff who disclose that they have been the victim of a potential hate crime/incident.

If your a organisation, charity or business client; our Training methods provide Hindu Philosophy based Solutions for all your needs.