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Darsana from Hindu Philosophy. A Darsana Interview with Ramana Devi, where Spiritual energy is shared in the simple act of seeing and being seen and has the power to transform lives. Ramana Devi shares the Spiritual qualities that she has attained, and most importantly the Shakti, the Power, that has changed her and is there constantly to change others.

Seeing is such a powerful dimension of life, and it affects us in so many ways, inside and out. Darsana changes patterns in your life by cleaning up areas of your subconscious mind that you could not possibly have done for yourselves. It is the grace of the Guru.

Strictly by appointment only.

Ramana Devi asks for a donation to her charity in replace of a payment for this service. Book a 15 minute Darsana Interview here

Feedback & Reviews

Ramana Devi has facilitated Darsana Interviews worldwide for many years. She is highly experienced. She is very compassionate, gentle and kind throughout the interview.

“This process took me deeper than i ever imagined i could go inside myself. My perception of who i really am, will never be the same again.”



“I was so happy to invite Ramana to Italy, and to share her unique style of Darsana with as many seekers as possible.”



“It was such an honour and a priviledge to meet Ramana Devi, and i am so grateful for her sharing. Her energy and consciousness transformed me instantly, so i could know myself more fully.”



What Can I expect?

The Darsana Interview takes 15 minutes. Initially you will be invited to sit in silence, with your eyes closed. Ramana Devi will perform Darsana within the silence. The transmission of energy takes just a few minutes.

Ramana will then speak with you for the duration of the interview about your obstacles to Self realisation, and suggest any practical advice that you can use yourself at home.

Ramana Devi is highly experienced in facilitating group Darsana worldwide.

If you are an established group, or if you feel you could arrange a meeting yourself. Then please contact us, and we can discuss your ideas and hopefully organise a visit from Ramana Devi.

Ramana Devi is willing to travel to you.

During the interview you will expect to feel calmer, more peaceful and a greater sense of who you really are. Each person has a unique experience, so you should be open to your own.

Organise a Group Darsana Interview?

If you wish to arrange a group to invite Ramana Devi to facilitate a group Darsana Interview, then please contact Anand here

They Need Your Help!

Ramana Devi provides Darsana Interviews free of charge, she asks for a donation towards her charitable work instead of payment. If you wish to support her charitable work please make a donation today.