We have been providing Consultancy services for 26 years. Our Consultancy services are for businesses and organisations. We provide bespoke accredited training with certificates in house via Zoom pro and Podia software. All profits from this service provide charitable provisions for people living on the margins of society through our charity Shiva Trust No. 1148843.


Self Improvement involves working with your staff or management to teach them new skills, tools, methods to remove their obstacles to Self improvement in workplace. These tools and skills can then be used by them whenever they need them. The idea is not to get dependent on the Consultant, but to use the Consultant to improve their game.

Emotional Literacy Skills Building is an amazing asset to any workplace environment. Our Consultant trains your staff or management in Emotional intelligence skills such as Self awareness, Relationship management, Empathy, Self regulation, Social awareness, and Motivation.

Employability and Life Skills development is based on groundbreaking research from UNESCO in strategies for living a successful life. The research found 10 powerful skills every employee should possess to make them an asset to your team. If you are a manager this is the training you should be buying for your staff.

We also provide one off workshops, tasters, and introductions to a variety of topics. These are created bespoke for your needs. Topics can include; Self improvement, emotional literacy, employability and life skills, meditation, values education, hindu philosophy, yoga, medicinal herbs, and farming.