Self Improvement

What is Self-improvement?

Self-improvement is the process of Self-realization, which focuses on building up your own awareness, knowledge and skills, as well as an overall sense of identity. Typical activities could include anything from developing a talent or fulfilling personal aspirations, through to improving your health and lifestyle or learning a new skill. Self-improvement is a vital part of an individual’s growth and progression. By allowing you to explore key areas of self-improvement, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled in your personal and/or professional life. By carrying out ongoing Self-improvement, you’ll be learning more about your abilities and aspirations. You’ll figure out where your values, beliefs, and ethics lie, not to mention uncover a clearer purpose for what you’re doing. Self-improvement eventually leads to the realization of your True Self – which is Self-realization…..

As you continue along your journey through life, there will be times when you feel stuck, and that you cannot continue. This is the time when you will need extra support on how to deal with any obstacles that you are facing on your journey. This is called Self improvement – it is simply learning new skills to help you get through these obstacles.

Our Self-improvement Method (R.A.P) is based on Ramana’s own techniques, which she developed over 28 years of studying the mind, and how it works. The (R.A.P) techniques and Theory will present you with a universal programme that will bring out the positive attributes latent within the hearts and minds of all people regardless of gender, race, religion, social, family or economical status. The programme works with the subconscious mind; the subconscious mind has stored within it all knowledge of who we are. It is simple to use, it is fun, creative and effective – it is remembering, retrieving memories, rather than re-programming. The R.A.P techniques and theory are based on both eastern and western philosophy. They include guided visualizations, symbols, archetypes, Cakra development, working with the sub conscious, higher conscious, and conscious minds, dream work, relaxation exercises, working with transference, and energy game work.


One to One Coaching involves working with you to teach you new skills, tools, methods to remove your obstacles to Self improvement. These tools and skills can then be used by you whenever you need them. The idea is not to get dependent on the Coach, but to use the Coach to improve your game.

Life Purpose Coaching supports you to find out what your life purpose is and access training and skills to create your own paid work, which supports your True Self without having to compromise. Earn a Living, doing what you Love.

Meditation Clinic is needed when you already have an existing Meditation practice, but you are not reaching the heights of success you need to Self improve. The clinic sessions enables us to look at all aspects of your practice, and offer you tools, methods, theory to improve what you are already doing. The clinic does not teach you Meditation, it supports you to improve what you are already doing.