“Are you seeking to improve your life?

Ramana Devi, is an expert in Hindu philosophy and practices. As the first British female Satguru, she brings a unique fusion of Hindu wisdom and her Western cultural experiences to her teachings. 

Ramana Devi has a diverse background, having spent ten years as a personal, business, and charity development consultant in the West. Her profound understanding of Hindu philosophy stems from two decades of study in India, combined with extensive humanitarian work in Southern India.

In 2009, she embarked on a mission to develop a 26-acre farm in Rossendale, transforming it into a Hindu Farm and Animal Sanctuary that could accommodate up to 70 animals at one time. Additionally, she established a registered charity in 2012, aiming to serve marginalized individuals in our society. 

As an accomplished author, Ramana Devi has penned fifteen books on Hindu Philosophy. She is an esteemed educationalist who has designed ten self-improvement courses in collaboration with the National Open College. Furthermore, Ramana Devi is a dedicated humanitarian, teacher, trainer, Hatha Yoga master, medicinal herbalist, life coach, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration (MBA). 

Ramana Devi offers Darshana, a free service available globally to individuals from all walks of life. Her gatherings are vibrant and diverse, creating a safe and welcoming space for like-minded individuals and those seeking answers. Within this loving environment, you can engage in quiet contemplation, exploring your true self without judgment, and receiving guidance from a kind and generous Hindu Master who supports your quest for truth. Ramana Devi warmly welcomes all seekers of truth, individuals devoted to self-realization, and those striving to embody their true selves in all areas of life. Whether you seek guidance in relationships, parenting, careers, or simply yearn for personal growth, her doors are open to you and the general public. 

If you are interested in delving deeper into the concept of self-realization and improving your relationship with yourself—the foundation of Ramana Devi’s teachings—you can start by reading her first book on self-realization. It will provide you with insights into what self-realization entails and how it can enhance your way of life.”