Ramana Devi provides Hindu Philosophy based Solutions. An expert in our field. Ramana Devi unique style is a fusion of Hindu philosophy and Personal Development.

Ramana Devi spent ten years as a personal, business and charity development consultant. She Studied Hindu philosophy for the last twenty years in India and worked extensively in humanitarian projects in Southern India. In 2009, Ramana moved to a 26 acre farm in the UK to develop it into a Farm, School & Animal Sanctuary with housing for up to 70 animals at one time, and headquarters for the charity. In 2012, Ramana founded a registered charity to provide services for the marginalised people in our society. For three years she studied and taught Advaita Vedanta with the foremost Advaita Master from Varanasi, India. Ramana has Authored five books on Hindu Philosophy. She is an Educationalist, and has developed ten Personal Development courses with National Open College. Ramana is a Humanitarian, a Teacher, a Trainer, a Hatha Yoga Master, a Medicinal herbalist, a Life coach and is Currently studying for her Masters in Business Administration (MBA). 

Ramana is a Thought Leader, an entrepreneur, a Spiritual Leader, a Mother, a Humanitarian, a Leader, a Wife, an Educationalist, a Philanthropist, a Hindu Satguru, a Yoga teacher, a Daughter, a Sister, a Hindu Philosopher, a Herbal practitioner, a Human, a Life coach, a Meditation teacher, a CEO, a Personal Development Leader, and an experienced Master of human potential…   

Ramana Devi students are devoted to Hindu Philosophy based Solutions, and putting them  into practice in their daily life; into their families, parenting, relationships, careers and society. 

Do you want to improve your way of life? Do you want a strong Solution to issues in your daily life?

Ramana Devi has developed these services to help you to find your True Self, and improve your way of life. 


You can read Ramana first book on Hindu Philosophy, if you would like to find out more about how Hindu Philosophy can provide you with a Solution…. and how to improve your relationship with your True Self, which is the basis of her work. 

The Science of Self Realization Guidebook

Self-Realization is a translation of the Sanskrit expression Atman Jnana – knowledge of the Self or Atman. Jnana refers to knowledge based on experience, not mere intellectual knowledge. Self-Realization is the basis of all Personal Development  methods.
As a student of Hindu Philosophy, you will be supported to experience new ideas, methods or activities. You will learn how to closely observe and monitor your involvement in these experiences, and build your relationship with your True Self. And how these experiences can become reality within your life; and in relation to your experiences of other.
Ramana has developed 7 tools to support you in experiencing your own true Self; the first tool is to start asking key Questions? Don’t just accept the way you, your life, or society are…

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes".

Self Realisation

Self Realisation is the ultimate goal of both Hindu Philosophy and Personal Development.

Hindu Philosophy

Hindu Philosophy is the foundation for all our Personal Development methods.

Personal Development

Personal Development eventually leads to the realisation of your True Self – which is Self-realisation…..