The Start of your Journey….

Do you ever ask yourself who you are? I am A Self-Realization Guru, a Guru is an expert in the True nature of the Self.

I am a Thought Leader, an entrepreneur, I am a Spiritual Leader, a Mother, a Humanitarian, I am a Leader, a Wife, an Educationalist, a Philanthropist, I am a Hindu Satguru, a Yoga teacher, a Daughter, a Sister, a Hindu Philosopher, I am a Herbal practitioner, a Human, a Life coach, a Meditation teacher, I am a CEO, a Personal Development Leader, and an experienced Master of human potential…

But! who am I beyond these roles…When was the last time you asked yourself this question? Who am I beyond my many roles?

We are the True Self!

Ask Your Self now, Do I want to get to know my True Self? and if so do i believe I can?

I am a Self-Realization Guru, I can Help you to find your True Self, You can read my first book on Self realization if you would like to find out more about Self-Realization….