What is Self-Realization?

Self-Realization means to give time and attention to gaining knowledge of your true/real/authentic Self, which is the most honest aspect of who you are…..

Carl Jung said He who looks outside sleeps, he who looks inside wakes

Self-Realisation is the basis of all Self improvement methods. As a student of Self realization, you will be supported to try out new ideas, methods or activities. You will learn how to closely observe and monitor your involvement and your relationship with your True Self. You will learn about the basic features, character, and qualities of your True Self. And how they act within your life; and in relation to others.

Ramana has developed 7 tools to assist your own search for the true Self; the first tool is to start asking key Questions? Don’t just accept the way you, your life, or society are. Turn your attention inwards, and embark on a search for answers to who you are, why you do the things you do, why the world is the way it is, observe your awareness of your Self, your interactions with others and their actions towards you.

If you wish to make a start on your own personal search for your True Self, and you would like some support and guidance you can study the Self-realization book with Ramana.