The 7 Steps

What are the Seven Steps?

The seven steps image is central to the Ramana Awareness Programme. It is a visual representation and represents the seven human attributes which make up you as an individual. As a whole the image is a symbol of the journey to wholeness – to your Individual Self. The image is also used as a guided imagery during each individual lesson.

How do they Work?

The seven steps represent the seven human attributes; consciousness, energy, spiritual, intuition, emotion, intellect and the physical. By visualising yourself walking up all the steps and then sitting on top of the white step and breathing in the white colour, you tell your subconscious mind that you acknowledge all parts of yourself and want them to be in balance. Visualising all the steps as equal tells your subconscious that you value all parts of yourself equally; this helps to strengthen those parts of you that are underdeveloped and to balance those parts of you which are too dominant. As you may have noticed, there are actually eight steps; however the final step, which is white, is actually a combination of all the other steps. Have you ever spun a spinning top painted all different colours and noticed how they all just blur into white when it is spinning really fast? The white step represents the most intelligent, aware and whole part of yourself, as it is where all parts of you are in perfect balance. By visualising yourself walking up the steps and sitting on the white step you are telling your subconscious that you want to be yourself. You can go to this part of yourself when you feel confused, scared or angry, to breathe in the white colour and to ask for guidance and support.