Who am I?

Do you ever ask yourself who you are? I am A Guru, a Guru is a Great Master of the Self, the True Self. My job is to shed light on the question, who am I?

I am a Thought Leader, an entrepreneur, I am a Spiritual Leader, a Mother, a Humanitarian, a Leader, a Wife, an Educationalist, a Philanthropist, a Hindu Satguru, a Yoga teacher, a Daughter, a Sister, a Hindu Philosopher, a Herbal practitioner, a Human, a Life coach, a Meditation teacher, a CEO, a Personal Development Leader, and a Great Master of human potential…

But! who I am beyond these roles…When was the last time you asked yourself this question? We are the Self! But the Self, sounds vague and intangible. It requires many years of training and experience, great self disciple, patience and a huge amount of compassion to know the Self!

Ask Your Self, Do I have what it takes to find my Self?

I am a Guru, I can find your Self with you, when it feels like no-one else can, like a sculptor carving art from a piece of wood. I can hold and guide your hands….