Ramana Devi Meditation Teaching Licenses



These licenses give you permission to deliver Ramana Devi Meditation technique to others with training and support. (A training manual is provided with your license).

A Ramana Devi Meditation Teacher is an individual who wants to see the practice of Meditation become a normal every day occurrence for people in every day western lives.

A Teacher will carry the message of ‘Meditation’ throughout all of their teaching, but also through your example as an amazing human being.

As a Ramana Devi Meditation Teacher, you will train in this subject, and then purchase a license from us so you can go onto deliver the method to as many people as possible. Our licenses last for 12 months, and can be renewed annually for £90.

Specialize in :

  • Ramana Devi Meditation – Meditation and Yoga for adults

Contact us to find out more – info@ramanadevi.com





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