Ramana Devi Meditation Training License



This license gives you permission to teach this technique to others with training and support. (A training manual is provided with your training).

This course aims to provide people with theory of how our mind works, techniques and practise to learn meditation tools. Meditation creates emotional well-being, enhances self awareness and allows you to reach a place of peace inside yourself. The course is delivered over a 5 week period.

The course includes Yoga and Meditation Yoga is a set of mental, physical and spiritual practices that alleviate anxiety, stress and depression, whilst addressing a range of health issues. The classes are an introduction to Yoga postures, suitable for all abilities. It also includes some theoretical knowledge and meditation techniques.

It is amazing for people suffering with mental health issues, which has greatly improved their overall mental fitness.

Ramana devi teaches meditation in her own unique modern style, but without losing the traditional basis of this ancient wisdom. Empathising the importance of cultivating ones own relationship with meditation, and not attempting to meditate like the crowd. Putting oneself and ones own ideas and beliefs into the practice of meditation.


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