Ramana Devi Ahimsa – Values Education



Learn Ramana Devi Ahimsa for use on yourself, your children or as a family.

Ahimsa Values Educational Programme is an exciting programme created by Ramana Devi. It is a child-like adventure into the deeply beautiful life-changing experience of the natural world. There are many scientific studies that underscore the benefits of nature, including stress relief, improved short-term memory, increased mental energy, less inflammation, better vision, improved concentration, creativity, and improved mental health.

This creative and amazing programme is full of educational surprises for children, facts and history about each topic, beautiful stories, creative activities and much more!

There are five main topics. You will find – Water, Animals, Nature, Land and the Environment. Each one of these topics has five sub-topics too! The manual includes many exciting practical and creative activities that are easily adaptable to suit anyone.


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